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  • Compassionate Therapy for Healing and Resilience


    Are you struggling with feelings you can’t seem to control? Have you tried to talk to friends and family, but feel you just don’t have a voice? Have you experienced trauma in your life that keeps you you from feeling like you can every live with hope again Are you in a relationship that feels out of control and you don’t know why? Are you feeling stuck at work and needing a “nudge” to pursue something else? Are you in a helping profession and feeling fatigued and burned-out? Are you wanting more supervision and training to work with your own clients?

    “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete” – Jack Kornfield

    These are many of the questions our clients ask themselves. If these sound familiar, you are not alone. The decision to start therapy, consultation, training and supervision is intensely personal and unique to your own individual needs. At Jackson Hole Therapy, we strive to make this process feel as safe and supportive as possible. Please take the time to view our website and decide if working with us is the right step for you.


    As we all are in uncertain times, JH Therapy would like to assure you that in spite of the isolation you may feel, you are not alone. We are currently using HIPPA-Compliant Telehealth Services through Zoom. Most insurance carriers have recognized the value and benefit of telemedicine and offer partial, if not full, coverage.

    About Elizabeth

    I’m an experienced provider with a primary focus of helping my clients embrace their strengths and move beyond their fear.


    I work with anyone at risk of “burnout” due to the demands of their work and life responsibilities.